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10 Tips for Bloggers a la Chris Brogan

Posted on May 22, 2013 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in blog · Blogging Tips · Chris Brogan · Frills in the HIlls · Jane Friedman · microsoft · Spice Up Your Blog · tips · Tumblr · WebUpon · WordPress

Two weeks ago I told you that numbered active WordPress sites at an impressive 65,303,968.  As of yesterday, that number was increased by more than half a million, bringing the total to 65,992.867.  Tumblrjumped from 106.3 to 109.2 million blogs in the same time period.
That’s a lot of blogs and doesn’t include the many other popular free hosting sites. (A list of the top 31 free blogging hosts—I had no idea there were so many—is available at WebUpon, a site that offers ooh-gobs of info on internet applications and online services. You’ll be glad you linked over.)  
Considering the sheer numbers, the concept of blogging as a viable method of platform building is a dichotomy of the plausible and impossible: plausible because of the sheer numbers of people online, and impossible because carving out a niche among so many is no small feat.
So what is the big blogging secret to success? How does a little grain of sand like me turn into a pearl?
To find the answer I searched online and compiled a list of the ten most repeated tips for bloggers. And then I trashed it, because serendipity appeared when I landed at  I like Mr. Brogan’s list better than my own—trust me when I tell you his is way more concise than the behemoth I almost unleashed upon you.  Here it is:

1. Write to be helpful.
2. Be brief.
3. Tell a story.
4. Connect others, if appropriate.
5. Share. Often.
6. Don’t over-think it. (It’s a blog, not a dissertation.)
7. But be thoughtful.
8. Don’t be mean.
9. Publish often enough to build a relationship.
10. But be mindful of your audience’s time.

(A big “Thanks!” to Liss at Frills in the Hills who used the above list as inspiration to create a downloadable Blogger’s Manifesto.  Click HERE to print your own.) 
Now, you may consider the above list too simplistic and lacking in detail. There is no mention of SEO, keeping to a set schedule, or having a specific theme, and yes, all of that is recommended. But at its core, blogging is pretty basic, and the rules above were repeated, one way or another, almost everywhere I looked. I have heard it all before and I bet you have as well, but some things cannot be stressed too often. For me, it is items #2 and #6. I don’t easily do brief (ironic, since I love microfiction) and I over-think everything . . . just ask my husband! 
If you want more blogging info—and there is a ton of information out there—I recommend these links: Jane Friedman, Blogging Tips, and Spice Up Your Blog.
What blogging tips would you add to those listed above? Do you have any special advice for other bloggers regarding things you do to keep your own blog humming? Please share!
See you next Wednesday for the naked truth about . . . blog themes and finding your niche.
Have a great week –
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