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A Twisty Thing

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The Binnacle/The Literary Journal of Coastal Maine/Ultra-Short/2012

As many of you know, I love short fiction. And I especially love ultra-short and microfiction, as evidenced by my many blog posts of yore when I weekly participated in a meme that required a story of no more than 140 characters. This type of writing is crazy fun and doubles as a terrific exercise, a flexing of creative muscles that forces a minimum of words to achieve maximum effect.

Last year I was fortunate to have my story, A Twisty Thing, take the top humor prize in the Ninth Annual Ultra-Short Competition sponsored by The Binnacle at the University of Maine at Machias. (Say that fast five times. I dare you.) To put a cherry on top, the editors nominated my work for a Pushcart Prize. Pretty cool, huh?

Since the story is so short, only 149 words, I thought I’d share it.  Here it is as it appears in “The Binnacle Ninth Annual Ultra-Short Edition 2012,” pictured above:

A Twisty Thing
by Lisa Ricard Claro

Pappy drowned in a bowl of pea soup.

“That ain’t dignified,” Granny said, and told the world a heart attack done him in.

Granny says lies will send a soul direct to Hell, but at 83-years-old she figures her truth-to-lie ratio is so high the Almighty won’t notice. Problem for me is I’m only 13. My truth-to-lie ratio ain’t lookin’ so good. Every time I say “heart attack” and”Pappy” in the same sentence I expect the hand of God to squash me flat.

“Ain’t your lie, it’s mine,” Granny assured me. “And I’m tellin’ you to stick with it. If you don’t you’re disobeyin’, and that’s ten times worse than a lie.”

Granny’s thinkin’ is a twisty thing, which is pretty much what Pappy said right before she shoved his face into the pea soup.

It’s probably true God don’t like lies. But God ain’t as scary as Granny.

If you love flash fiction, The Binnacle’s Annual Ultra-Short Competition is underway for 2013. You have until March 15th to submit an entry. The submission guidelines are HERE.

Have a great week!

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