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A Warrior, A Mafia Don, and Other Savvy Stuff

Posted on Jan 22, 2014 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized


During my blog hop earlier this week I visited my regular stops and found a few new ones. There are so many blogs out there that I always wonder what I’m missing, and when I take the time to click-click-click on the sidebar of my regulars I often come across great finds. In any event, I found some stuff to share, so here you go.

One of my regular stops is Shannon Lawrence at The Warrior Muse.  Shannon’s January 15th post includes links to seven paying publications now accepting submissions for short stories. Check out Shannon’s blog for the links and have a look around while you’re there. Lots of good stuff.

Another of my regular stops is Michael G-G’s Middle Grade Mafioso.  His January 20th post reminds writers to enjoy their writing. It wasn’t until I read Michael’s post that I considered how much of my time is spent on the down-to-business stuff, like deadlines and queries and meeting submission guidelines, so I’m on board with Michael to relax and enjoy the process more.  Do you enjoy writing all the time or do you find yourself being caught up in the “must do” mire? Relax. Enjoy. Eat some chocolate. (And Michael, please thank the Don for facilitating the reminder.)

NA Alley cropped up on my radar during one of those “I started here, and clicked to this, then clicked to that,” and is worth your time if you’re a writer of YA who has heard all the buzz about the New Adult genre but need some direction before you plunge into the market. The “What is New Adult” page gives the most thorough explanation I’ve seen to date. Head on over there and take a look. Even if you have no interest in writing for this genre, it never hurts to understand what’s out there. And if you are interested, this site offers an alphabetical list of popular NA books for your reading roster to help you understand the expectations of the genre.

Savvy Verse & Wit is one of my new finds. In the words of blog author Serena M. Agusto-Cox, this site is:  “ . . . a blog dedicated to all literary and poetic works. It features writing critiques; reviews of published fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books; offers editorial hints and writing insights; and seeks to spread the love of reading to others, particularly an appreciation for contemporary poetry.” In short, a lovely spot to find oneself, whether you’re a writer or not.

That’s it for this week, Buttercup! I hope the above links will prove useful and/or entertaining for you. Now I’m off to spend some quality time with my WIP before I start clicking and hopping again.

Thanks for visiting Writing in the Buff. See you next week!


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