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Barbra Streisand – Still Amazing at 72! Wow!

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Barbra Streisand made history last month when her new album, “Partners,” debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart.  She is the only recording artist in history to have a #1 release in six consecutive decades. Amazing career.

I read about the album prior to its release but forgot about it until stumbling across it last night while killing time watching music vids on YouTube. I don’t usually troll YouTube, but The Voice was on and recording, and the hubster and I would be in deep doo-doo with our youngest daughter if we watched it without her (The Voice is “our show,” the one the three of us always watch together—my hubby is such a good sport when the girl and I croon over Adam Levine), ergo the YouTube crawling. Anyway, curiosity had me listening to the first song that popped up, an unlikely duet of Barbra Streisand and Country superstar Blake Shelton.

For the record (sorry, couldn’t resist), at 72, Ms. Streisand’s voice is as pure and spot-on as it ever was. Michael Bublé, who also duets with her, said her “throat was kissed by God” and I think he’s got it right.

The Streisand/Shelton pairing was so great, my beloved and I spent the next fifty minutes listening to the rest of the duets that comprise “Partners” (Barbra Streisand and Andrea Bocelli—oh, holy goosebumps, Batman!) and it would be tough to choose a favorite, to compare the Blake Shelton or Babyface duet with Andrea Bocelli or Josh Groban.  They’re all different and equally wonderful.

If you’re curious about what I like, my musical tastes run the gamut from Keith Urban to Tony Bennett, The Beatles to Maroon 5. In other words, I pretty much love it all, with my preferred music du jour being entirely dependent upon my mood. Today it’s Barbra Streisand and these awesome duets. Tomorrow, who knows? I may be in the mood for Patsy Cline. Or Katy Perry. Her stuff is so darn catchy. Or, you know, it might be a day for Chopin. His stuff is catchy, too, even if it is 200 years old. And now I’ll have the “Minute Waltz” stuck in my head all day (last week it was Maroon 5’s “Animals” that ear-bugged me).

Below are two of the duets from “Partners” for your listening pleasure, the aforementioned goosebumper with Streisand/Andrea Bocelli, “I Still Can See Your Face,” and the Streisand/John Legend rendition of “What Kind of Fool.” And I’m pretty sure that after they finish playing you can click on one of the subsequent pics that come up to hear another duet.

As always, I love reading and responding to your comments. You already know I love these duets—but what do you think, Buttercup?  Have a listen and put your opinion in the Buff! Not your usual type of music? What genre of music do you favor?




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