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Bits-o-Bliss Winner! AND Help! How Do I Pill My Cat?

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It’s been a rough week at my house, y’all. Here’s the quick rundown.

First, Bailey did come home from the hospital, but not without becoming our High Maintenance Kitty. She requires a pill to coat her stomach which must be taken an hour before she eats and then another which must be dissolved in water before it’s administered. Twice a week we have to give her subcutaneous fluids—I hold her and hubby sets up the IV bag and puts the needle in.  It’s not a long process, only about 5-10 minutes total, but not fun for any of us. Fortunately, the needle placement is not painful for Bailey. The tough part is keeping her still so she doesn’t pull the damn thing out.

Question: How do you give pills to a cat? She won’t be tricked, cajoled, or prodded. The pill popper doesn’t work, and she eats around whatever we hide it in. Help, please. We’re being outsmarted by a geriatric cat.

The bliss: Bailey is still with us and though her condition is chronic and our days with her are limited, she’s feeling much better and is back to her cuddly self.

Second, Rigby tore his ACL and required surgery. We now have a bionic dog. 🙂 He’s got a plate and screws in his knee and though he’s doing awesome, there is still a pharmaceutical cornucopia required for his post-op period. He doesn’t have to be crated all the time, but we have to keep him quiet so he doesn’t have full run of the house. His leg must be iced three times a day for ten minutes, and of course he’s stuck with the Cone of Shame (I’ll have a pic for you next week) so he doesn’t lick his incisions.

Question: No question.  Rigby is Mr. Wonderful. He’s obedient and takes his pills without a fuss. If it makes us happy, he’s first in line to get it done.

The bliss: When Rigby heals from his surgery he’ll be able to run and play without pain, and we can start taking him to the park again. He’s already ambulating better than he was pre-surgery.

If you have or have had a pet that requires this sort of medical attention, please help me out with tips, suggestions, anecdotes and anything else that comes to your mind. If you’ve been fortunate enough not to have a pet become ill, I’ll accept sympathetic comments and hugs. And wine. Wine would be good. And possibly chocolate. In large quantities. Because it’s cheaper to ship in bulk. 🙂

Serendipitous Stuff

Now, for the big news. The winner of the Bits-o-Bliss journal and the most awesome purple Pilot G2 pen is . . . drum roll . . . Jillian! Congratulations, Jill, and thanks for sharing your Bits-o-Bliss.

The winner was determined using  I listed the names of those participating and assigned a number to each, and then left it up to the cool calculator at to pick the winning number. I’m specifying this because Jill, in addition to being the winner, also happens to be my niece and I want to assure everyone that she won fair and square. I’d also like to suggest you visit her blog, Creating Food and Scars. Interesting title, right? Jill is one brave and beautiful woman.  She offers up some great healthy recipes because she loves food and, well, read her blog to find out what the scars are all about. That isn’t my story to tell. What I can promise is that her engaging style will draw you in.

Anyway, congratulations, Jill! I’ll get the journal and pen winging your way in the next few days.

Last thing — if you are on Twitter, why not start tweeting your Bits-o-Bliss? Join me by tweeting the good stuff using #bitsobliss — it is like giving everyone a hit of sunshine. 

See y’all next week for more of the naked truth about  . . . Perception.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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