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Black Holes and Birthdays

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in birthday · black holes · kids

Black hole illustration courtesy of Brookhaven National Laboratory.
My youngest turned 18 this past weekend. Yikes!
Christina’s milestone birthday jolted me. How can my baby be 18 when she was born only yesterday? There’s a problem with the time/space continuum. That’s the only explanation.
Not only that, my daughter Stephanie will be 25 in April, and my son, Joey, will hit the big 3-0 in March. Whaaat?
So now I’m certain the time/space continuum anomaly isn’t operating alone.  There’s also a black hole out there gulping entire decades in the flash of a hummingbird’s wing. What is happening to the universe?
The real irony is that even if a method existed to induce that old black hole to regurgitate the time it’s stolen, I wouldn’t do it—and not just because that sounds really icky. I’m so in love with my kids the way they are today, right this minute, that no matter how wonderful they were way back when, it isn’t worth the risk of losing what exists right now.  ‘Cause right now is terrific.
I admit to missing the tromping about of little feet. I miss the sticky kisses and the sweaty hugs, the munchkin voices and the silly games and songs. But, oh . . . what I have today!
Long conversations about life and love and dreams; about taxes and gas prices and college tuition; the weather, good books, spear fishing, and the pros and cons of tattoos. The hugs are frequent but not sweaty; the kisses are still spontaneous and sweet, but no longer sticky.  I continue to laugh at the things my kids say, but now it is because of their sparkling wit rather than their misinterpretation of circumstances.
A pretty sweet deal, and one over which I’d do well not to quibble.
So the time/space continuum and its voracious companion, the black hole, continue to feast on days and years. That’s okay. While they’re digesting the past, I’m engaged in a banquet, feasting on the here and now.  And it tastes delicious.
See you next for Book Blurb Friday!

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