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Blogging About Writing—Good or Bad for Your Author Platform?

Posted on May 29, 2013 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in blogging · Joe Hill · Kristen Lamb · microsoft · Stephen King · theme · Writer's Digest · Writing

A while back I read a blog post by Kristen Lamb titled “Sacred Cow-Tipping—Why Writers Blogging About Writing is Bad.”   At the time, I patted myself on the back because I had revamped my blog and wasn’t really writing about writing . . . much. But over time that changed, so I clicked back to the aforementioned post for a re-read. If you’re a blogger, you might want to link over and read it, too.

Caveat: The reading is so addictive Kristen should post a warning label on her home page. (Try this one: “What are the Odds of Success? …Really?”).

Here’s the thing, buttercup. If your blogging goal is to connect with other writers, then blogging about writing is a dandy idea.  However, if your blogging goal is to connect with general readers for the purpose of building a platform to market your brand (you are your brand), then the theme of “writing” is unlikely to be your optimum choice.

I know this to be true. I ran into a friend at the market recently. We chatted and I asked if she had read a particular post wherein I mentioned her by name. She admitted she had not. She said, “I used to read your blog all the time when you were writing the funny slice-of-life stuff, but you mostly write about writing now which doesn’t interest me, so I stopped checking in.”

That conversation forced me to take a hard look at my blog. As every blogger knows, blogging doesn’t just happen. It takes time and effort. And because it does, it is important to understand why we’re blogging and what our goals are. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Are you working to attract other writers, or is it general readership you’re after? It makes a difference.

As writers, blogging about the thing we’re obsessed with only makes sense, right? Or does it? The difference would be with writers who write about writing to promote themselves as experts in the field, as Kristen Lamb and others do. For someone like me, maybe it is less good sense than a side-tracking indulgence.

What’s your opinion? Do you agree with Kristen Lamb’s take on the topic, that writers writing about writing is a bad idea? Or does writing about writing suit your platform? Do you blog for fun alone, or is it part of your bigger plan?

See you next week for the naked truth about  . . . **Quotes!

Have a great week!

(**Topic inspiration:  The best advice award-winning author Joe Hill ever got from his mom and dad, Tabitha and Stephen King“Finish the book. Finish the book, regardless of how bad it is. You can make it better in a rewrite.” —quote from Writer’s Digest interview July/August 2013.)

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