Lisa Ricard Claro – Author

Romance is good for your heart!

Blogs I Read

These are links to blogs that I love to read. They are listed alphabetically:

  1. Becky Povich
  2. Cathy C. Hall
  3. Claudia’s Page
  4. Critter Alley
  5. Debbie Christiana
  6. Debra Mayhew
  7. Donna’s Book Pub
  8. Fly Fishing the High Country
  9. Jean Ellen Whatley
  10. Karen Lange – Write Now
  11. Kay L. Davies – Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel
  12. Kristan Higgins (Squee! My favorite author!)
  13. Kristen Lamb’s Blog
  14. Larainy Days
  15. Message in a Bloggle: The Art of Being Broken
  16. Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy
  17. Pen and Prosper
  18. Present Letters
  19. Shay’s Word Garden
  20. Sioux’s Page
  21. Tanya Valentine
  22. Terry Lynn Thomas
  23. The Warrior Muse
  24. Write From the Heart