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Do You Feel Lucky? Well Do Ya? Free Give-Away: Bits-o-Bliss Journal

Posted on Jun 4, 2014 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized

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Welcome to Wednesday, Buttercup! Last week I detailed how the Universe inundated me with the notion of keeping a gratitude journal. One of the articles to which I was led is this short piece at Writer’s Circle, “Tips For Keeping a Gratitude Journal.” It offers five tips, as well as a link to the Happy Tapper app which will help you keep your journal in order on iTunes. I’m not an iTunes aficionado, but if you are, this might be something you’ll like.

For those of you who prefer putting pen to paper, follow this link to Amazon where you’ll find an abundance of journals specifically for the purpose of noting your Bits-o-Bliss. They only await the inking of your smell-the-roses moments. It was surprising how many journals are dedicated to Bits-o-Bliss. Of course, they don’t call them Bits-o-Bliss (that’s a Lisa-ism). They call them gratitude journals, but like the aforementioned roses they smell as sweet.

If you have yet to begin your Bits-o-Bliss journal, I’ve got something to help derail your procrastination and boost your efforts. The above photo is of the journal I’ll be giving away free next week to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment at the end of this post detailing your coolest blissful bit from this past week and let me know you’d like the chance to win. Your name will go in the random drawing and I’ll announce the winner next week. I saw this journal and fell in love with it. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, has a few lighthearted, colorful sketches, and offers a quote here and there from the likes of Anne Lamott and Maya Angelou. So please leave a comment—you could be the winner!

My personal Bits-o-Bliss journal for this week includes the following:

1. Sweet Bailey cat is, at this writing, on her second day at the vet receiving IV fluids. At 16-years-old she suffers from kidney trouble, but our petite kitty, she of the gentle spirit, is beginning to feel better now. We’re thankful for every day with her and choose to be optimistic about her return to home. I’m expecting my blissful bit in a day or so to be the joy at having her back in my lap with her motor running. Fingers crossed.


A furry bit-o-bliss: Our sweet Bailey cat

Other blissful bits from this past week:

2. I rearranged my home office and it just feels better. If I knew anything at all about feng shui I’d be unstoppable, people!

3. My Pilot G-2 pen with the purple ink. *love!* It is the perfect writing tool for my Bits-o-Bliss journal.

4. The adorable chipmunk that outsmarts my dogs is back, and he’s still winning. It’s like watching the Roadrunner best Wile E. Coyote right in my own backyard.

5. Feet up, a full glass of pinot noir, snuggling with my hubby.


Don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win the Bits-o-Bliss journal. I’ll even throw in one of my beloved Pilot G-2 purple pens, just because they rock.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday full of Bits-o- Bliss! See you next week for more of the naked truth.


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