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Posted on Jan 30, 2013 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in award · Cathy C. Hall · Debra Mayhew · Kathy Matthews · Larainy Days · Tammy T'mara Goodsell

Two blogs I love to visit are written by ladies who inspire and encourage me. One is Kathy Matthews, my sweet soul sister, and the other is Cathy C. Hall, my treasured writing Yoda. In the vast sea of blogs, these women shine, and I’m glad to be included in their circle.  I’m also proud to accept the awards they have bestowed upon me.

Kathy Matthews recently named me the recipient of “The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award,” intended to say “thanks!” to those who read and comment on a regular basis. All I have to do is post the award (see below) and link to my gal pal Kathy Matthews at Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy, and I may add the lovely badge to my sidebar (thanks, Kathy!).  No other requirements. No muss, no fuss. And I am encouraged to offer the award to up to 14 of my own regulars. If you’re here and reading this, consider yourself worthy of accepting this award for your very own. I appreciate you and the time you have taken to visit and comment. Please accept it and spread the love!

Cathy C. Hall recently named me, along with the talented Deb Mayhew, as recipient of the “Sunshine Award.” Cathy said our blogs always brighten her day, and that’s a great compliment coming from the accomplished Ms. Hall.  Thanks, Cathy! This award requires me to offer up some of my favorite things. So here goes:

Favorite color: Sunrise/sunset, occurring at the beach—any beach. Oh, yeah . . . and Caribbean blue. (And red, and yellow and green . . . depends on my mood!)

Favorite animal: I share my space with two dogs and three cats, so if I don’t say it’s a tie I’ll be in big trouble with someone furry.

Favorite number: 8, because that swirl is fun to write. And if you turn it sideways it’s one of the symbols for eternity.

Favorite drink: Coffee and wine are in a dead heat for first.

Facebook or Twitter?: Facebook.

Your passions: My family, friends, pets and writing!

Giving or getting presents: Both!

Favorite day: Friday! Friday nights my hubby and I share a bottle of wine while we watch all the shows we DVR’d during the week. It’s our kick-back-and-unwind time. Also, Friday is Saturday Eve!

Favorite flowers: Oh, geez. Don’t make me choose. I love them all. Really.  I even think weeds are pretty.

Now I must pass this “Sunshine Award” on to two bloggers that cheer me when I visit, and often get me to literally laugh out loud:  Laraine at Larainy Days and Tammy at Message in a Bloggle.  Ladies, thank you for always sending out rays of Sunshine. Please accept this award as a token of my appreciation for spreading the light.

Enjoy your Wednesday!  See you next time –

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