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Furry Furballs

Posted on May 18, 2009 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in cat · dog

Poor kitty-cat Bailey. She is sick and heading off to the vet this morning. She is in her carrier, whining as though someone just chopped off her tail with a meat cleaver which, I promise you, is not the case. Animals in our household fare extremely well. They are loved and spoiled. That is just what we do here at chez Claro.

We boast four furry kids: two dogs and two cats. They get along like siblings do; that is to say sometimes they co-exist peacefully and sometimes they don’t. The dogs tease the cats, the cats tease the dogs; an hour later they rub noses and offer each other slobbery kisses. On occasion they have been known to nap together.

The house will feel lopsided with Bailey gone today. The dogs might not pay too much attention, but our other cat, Tabby, will be out of sorts and probably whiny, wondering what happened to her little sister. With luck, Bailey’s only problem will be an overabundance of furballs in her belly, and we’ll be able to bring her home before day’s end. She endures the furball problem every year, and we along with her, as she hocks them up all over the house. The dogs appreciate the unexpected hors d’oeuvre, but Bailey does not share their glee.

Of course, she isn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of a veterinary visit, either, judging from the pitiful wails I’m hearing as she bemoans her misfortune. That’s okay, though. When she returns home later today she’ll be greeted with sniffs, tail wags, a few licks across the top of her head, and a lot of loving.

That always perks up my day. No doubt it will meet with Bailey’s approval as well.


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