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Guilty Pleasures AND Pawsitive Pondering

Posted on Oct 23, 2013 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in alex o'loughlin · Cathy C. Hall · johnny depp · Sioux Roslawski · Terry Lynn Thomas

Need something to perk up your day? Please check out the Pawsitive Pondering slideshow featured on my sidebar. For more information about Pawsitive Pondering, click on the tab in my blog header. I hope you’ll like this new addition to Writing in the Buff that combines two things I adore: fur-babies and micro-writing. Your feedback is invited and encouraged.

And now, on to guilty pleasures.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

We all have them. For some it involves dark chocolate, whipped cream and a strong fantasy involving Johnny Depp (ladies, you know who you are). For others it runs more along the lines of late night viewings of South Park and an affinity for Howard Stern. Whatever it is, you’re embarrassed to admit it in public, hence the attribution of “guilty.”

I’m embarrassed to admit my guilty pleasures, but only because there’s nothing titillating about them. I love the movie “Major League” (now that I’ve stated this my husband will make me watch it every weekend) and I never miss the new “Hawaii Five-0” TV show (Alex O’Loughlin can tell Danno to book me anytime).


I know, I know. “Major League” isn’t exactly Oscar material, and “Hawaii Five-0” is campy at best. Doesn’t matter. I love them.

My non-guilty pleasure is ABC’s “Castle” which is just freaking awesome. The hero, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), is a best-selling author of mystery novels and the heroine, Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), is a gorgeous New York detective who becomes his muse. Together they are Caskett. Ha ha! Best romantic comedy ever with a weekly murder mystery thrown in. If you’ve never watched it check it out HERE.

Start thinking about your guilty pleasure. Any chance you’ll dish it in a comment for me? Pretty please?

Okay, if a general guilty pleasure is too much for you, how about one of your guilty pleasures as a writer? My theory is that every writer has a thing. Mine is ellipses. Just like “Major League” and “Hawaii Five-0,” I love the darn things. They’re just so . . . ordered. Look at them . . . three in a row. My Type-A self quivers with joy at the sight of them. Aren’t they cute? My blogger pal Sioux Roslawski admitted to being an ellipsisaholic, and when I read that admission on her blog my heart did a pitty-pat jump. I am not alone! There are others like me, addicted to those three adorable dots. Hallelujah!

This got me thinking about other writers and other things.  My writing Yoda, Cathy C. Hall, is a lover of exclamation points. She knows their downfall, knows how reviled they are on a manuscript headed for submission. But she loves them anyway. I bet it kills her to wipe those little boogers off the page, but she does it. (I feel ya, Cath.) Then there’s my new critique partner, Terry Lynn Thomas. Adverbs. She loves her adverbs like I love my ellipses.

There is nothing wrong with having a thing! I theorize that having a thing makes us better writers because in our search and destroy mission during the editing and rewriting process we become aware not only of the thing we’re eradicating but of ways to make our writing better in the absence of our little guilty pleasure. Every time I find an ellipsis in my prose (now that Terry has pointed out my overuse of them—thank you, Terry!) I’m afforded the opportunity to rewrite the sentence in a stronger way, and that leads me to ferret out other possible corrections/enhancements in the surrounding sentences.

I stand by the notion that guilty pleasures are good for us. Do you agree? Do you have one—or two—to share?

See you next week for more of the naked truth.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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