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Held Hostage!

Posted on Oct 1, 2009 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in computer · microsoft · scareware · virus · windows police pro

AAaarrgh! I’ve been infected! Not with the dreaded swine flu, but with Windows Police Pro (WPP), a rogue program that wreaks havoc with any computer unfortunate enough to make its acquaintance.

WPP pops up on the computer desktop appearing to be a valid Microsoft Windows anti-virus program. It is not. WPP is a compunapper (yeah, I just made that up) that, quite literally, holds the host computer hostage. WPP shuts down all applications except its own and declares that all apps are infected. How to fix it? Why, you just purchase their software. Nifty set-up, huh?

“But I have a great anti-virus program, firewalls, and malware defenders,” says you.

Yeah, so did I; all updated and patrolling 24/7. This bad boy tromped through it all like a pair of steel Doc Martens. No wonder it has a pseudonym: Scareware.

The internet offers all kinds of advice for getting rid of WPP, but it was over my head. I can’t even decipher the TV remotes, so manipulating the software on my laptop seemed a tad industrious. Mostly, I was terrified of really screwing things up after I read the following posted on a popular anti-virus bulletin board: “WPP can be removed with the proper software if you know what you’re doing; if you don’t know what you’re doing, hire a professional or you could cause even more damage to your computer.”

So, yeah, I forked over the cash to the tech guys at Vision Computers, and thanks to them my beloved laptop is virus-free. They also managed to save all my stuff! It was worth every penny to have my favorite electronic friend well again. This writer needs her keyboard—and word processing program—like a fish needs water. Or Shawn needs Gus. (Any Psych fans out there?)

Beware Windows Police Pro, my friends. It is evil, rotten, mean, and nasty. I’ve been vaccinated, but you know how these viruses are. They just keep mutating.

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