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If you’ve visited before then you know I sometimes grumble over the ways in which my mental acuity changed after I hit middle age.  It isn’t that a trapdoor opened and all my brain power dropped out. No, the brain power is still safely ensconced in my noggin, thank goodness, and the ability to stuff new information in there continues to exist. The problem has to do with how everything is stored.
My brain used to keep everything alphabetized and compartmentalized. No more, buttercup. Like a roomful of unsupervised kindergarteners, it’s a free-for-all in there!
Focus. That’s what’s missing.
Focus is what glues my butt in the chair to write or get the bills paid on time. Focus is a skill I once possessed in abundance and wielded with ease. Nowadays, focus isn’t something I command, but something I hope and pray will appear. Sometimes it does; more often it abandons me to my random thoughts and wildly divided attention.
What I’m learning is that this whole focus thing is not unique to me, and that any number of people find that their ability to focus becomes compromised after a certain age.  (Ha. That’s a diplomatic way of saying “we’re old baggers.”)  So what to do?
If this were a fancy-schmancy blog I’d offer New Age strategies to harness one’s brain power and wrestle it into submission. I’d talk about meditation to find one’s personal foci and chi. I’d discuss feng shui and soothing lavender teas and aromatherapy. And I’d do it all with a British accent.
Sorry, buttercup! This is Writing in the Buff, where I’ve promised only the naked truth. So here it is, as clearly as I can state it:  Old baggers do not excel at focusing.
Being an old bagger myself, I have a few suggestions that might help you feel better as you either speed along the highway toward Old Baggerdom or claim the banner as one who has already arrived. Here you go, free of charge:
·       ***  Chocolate. Chocolate contains flavonoids which help reduce blood pressure, and a healthy blood pressure makes it easier to focus on stuff. So eat plenty of chocolate.
·       ***  Foot massages. I have a theory that gentle pressure on the feet sends blood to the brain which enhances focus. There is no correlating scientific proof, but if you bring me chocolate and rub my feet I bet I can find a way to prove my point.
·       ***  Hire a maid. Think about how focused you’ll be on important stuff when you are no longer responsible for cleaning the commode!
Please share your recommendations for improving focus and brain function. If it involves wine, days at the park, or movies starring Johnny Depp, count me in.
See you next for Book Blurb Friday!

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