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Howl-o-Weenie 2014: The Dachshunds’ Big To-Doo-Doo

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“Every dog must have his day.”  — Jonathan Swift



“Nothing will turn a man’s home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a Dachshund.” —Victoria Magazine


Last week I wrote about the annual Howl-o-Weenie festival. In case you missed it, here’s a recap:

AROOooooooooo! It’s Howl-o-Weenie time! Howl-o-Weenie is an annual festival that occurs here in Atlanta the first Saturday in October. It is sponsored by DREAM (Dachshund Rescue, Education, Awareness and Mentoring) and is a huge gathering of Dachshunds and the humans that love them. Some activities that occur:  howling contest, costume contest, kissing contest, Dachshund Dash race, Dachshund Dunk (dunking for hot dogs). These little dogs are game for anything, and the level of adorable is off the charts.

Every Howl-o-Weenie I press my hubby into service. He takes photos and I share them with you, captioned to capture the fun and humor of the day. For a taste of Howl-o-Weenie, please scroll on down, and  prepare to smile.

Don’t forget to read the captions!





“No way this is Hawaii. Wo Fat tricked us again, Danno.”




“The deal was—I dress up, you pay me in chicken parts. I’m waiting.”



“No, see, this is all wrong. PIRATE. I said PIRATE.”



“Have I gone mad?” “I’m afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland



“How about a couple of hot dogs with those fries?”



“My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.” —Edith Wharton



“I’ll have to pass on that belly rub, Ma’am.  I’m on duty!”



“On second thought—officer down!—for a belly rub . . . or a Milk Bone. Or possibly a Beggin’ Strip.”



“Supergirl and Superpup have nothing on . . . Superpooper! Able to leap tall blades of grass and fertilize in a single . . . well, you know.”



“Dress up like a bird, she said. It’ll be fun, she said. I can’t decide if I should be embarrassed or plucked.”



“Well, howdy there, pardner! Want some advice? Don’t squat with yer spurs on, and never woof when you can wag.”



“Double, double, toil and trouble. The spell I cast will burst your bubble. Restore me to a Dachshund true, or I’ll leave doo-doo in your shoe.”



“Oh, Dignity! Where hast thou fled? Naked! Yea, naked am I. My soul lies bared and bruised, yet pungent and ripe with sweetness, much like a peeled banana!” —-Special Agent McGee, The Existential Dachshund



“One day out of the year. It’s just one day out of the year. One day, praise god, only one day. Just one day . . . “



“Yeah, so, you know that when I say ‘hit me’ I don’t actually mean—? Good. So, yeah. Hit me. I’m feelin’ lucky.”



“Dude . . . you smell like a dog, but seriously, what kind of growth stunters did they mix with your kibble?”



“It’s good to be Queen.”



“Only for you would I sacrifice my dignity like this. Only for you. And for the Existential Dachshund, because he gets me. He really gets me.”



“God is gonna get you for this.”



“Thank you for dressing me like a badass instead of a banana.”



“Did I win the Weenie Race? Bet your two-legged-tail-deprived-butt I did!”



My daughter Stephanie with my two grand-dogs, Federal Agent Chutsky (a DREAM rescue) and Special Agent McGee (The Existential Dachshund).



My daughter Christina and her boyfriend, JT.



Yours truly accepting kisses from JT’s pooch, Ralphie.


The following are quotes about dogs. I think the Dachshunds would approve.


“If I could be half the person my dog is, I’d be twice the human I am.” — Charles Yu, How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

“Sometimes you don’t need words to feel better; you just need the nearness of your dog.” —Natalie Lloyd, A Snicker of Magic

“I don’t think twice about picking up my dog’s poop, but if another dog’s poop is next to it, I think, ‘Eww, dog poop!’” — Jonah Goldberg

“The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him, and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself, too.” —Samuel Butler

“You can say any fool thing to a dog and the dog will just give you this look that says, ‘My GOSH, you’re RIGHT! I NEVER would’ve thought of that!” — Dave Barry


Hope you enjoyed the Howl-o-Weenie photos. Have a great week, and I’ll see you next week with more of the Naked Truth.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


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