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It’s a Hairy Situation!

Posted on May 7, 2009 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in hair
Have you ever been in a situation where you would like to say something, but diplomacy and tact are twin screws securing your tongue inside your mouth? I think we’ve all been there. Sometimes we might pop off a verbal faux pas, but as adults we’re pretty well trained to be tactful or shut up. Still, I love it when a kid comes out with an honest observation that makes adults gasp, even when I’m the adult at the receiving end of the comment.

I recently left the house with my hair au naturale, i.e. I did not take the straightening iron to it. Without the straightening iron, my hair is curl city. Not gorgeous Nicole Kidman curls; oh, no, no. Think Phyllis Diller after two hours in a wind tunnel. I don’t usually leave the house with my hair like that, because I don’t want to frighten small children. On this particular evening, however, I broke my rule because I was—dare I admit it?—too lazy to straighten my locks just to run out for half an hour. So there I was, in all my frizzy glory, when the daughter of one of my friends spotted me and came running over, her face aglow with joy and enthusiasm.

“Miss Lisa!” She cried out, obviously thrilled from head to toe just to see me.

“Amanda!” I responded, opening my arms for the requisite hug. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too.” She gave me a squeeze and looked up at me with her impossibly blue eyes and said: “You know your hair looks terrible, right?”

Who but a kid (or an older sibling) would say something so honest? When I stopped laughing, I told her she’ll be the first one I call when I need a truthful opinion on my next bathing suit. That kid will tell it like it is. If she gives me a thumbs up I’ll know I’m ready for the beach.

Honesty usually gives way to kindness as we hold our tongues to save someone from embarrassment or hurt. That, too, is a lesson that kids have to learn. Still, there is something refreshing about an honest opinion, given with no malice or mean intent.

It is also terrific motivation to plug in the straightening iron.

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