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Laundry List

Posted on Jan 25, 2012 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in laundry · Writing
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As it happens, I know a few facts about laundry.  I do so much laundry in the course of a week that I’ve considered adding the skill to my resume.
Laundry is never-ending. Empty the hamper today and it will be full again tomorrow.  I’ve always considered laundry the perfect metaphor for a recurring nightmare, but lately I’ve put a different spin on it.  While sorting and soaking last week I passed the time, as I often do, thinking about writing. You may be surprised to learn that writing and laundry have a lot in common. Not enough to elevate laundry to the exalted level of writing, mind you, but enough that I have a new respect for washing clothes. Here are a few examples of my reasoning:
  • A laundry hamper is like a writer’s brain—it is always full or filling up.
  • Some story ideas are like grass stains on a little leaguer’s britches—you better learn to deal with them because they aren’t going away.
  • Laundry items are like characters in a novel—different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. And some are dirtier and harder to save than others.
  • Folding freshly dried laundry is like editing—it gets the wrinkles out.
To be fair, I spend so much time writing or thinking about writing that I can probably compare almost anything to it; but consider the laundry comparisons to be akin to a lifeline tossed to a desperate woman.  As an optimist, I knew—just knew—that doing laundry had to have some redeemable attribute other than the obvious benefit of clean clothes in the closet.  Score one for the power of positive thinking.
Is there any chore you detest that can be made better by comparing it to something you love to do? Give it a try. You may be surprised what spins out.
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