Lisa Ricard Claro – Author

Romance is good for your heart!

Lisa’s Bio

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Lisa Ricard Claro is a professional editor and award-winning author with published articles and stories spanning multiple media. She resides in Georgia with her husband, is mother to three (a ruggedly handsome son and two stunningly beautiful daughters—Lisa might be a little biased), and dreams of living at the beach. In addition to an array of sand dollars and seashells, a sign in her office promises Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses Welcome Here.

Lisa has a heart for rescued pets, and you’ll find one in all of her books. Sometimes their rescue is part of the story (Pirate the dog, in Love Built to Last), and sometimes they’re already ensconced in their forever home (Pavarotti the cat, in Love to Win). As you read Lisa’s novels, watch for the rescues.

A fan of every genre, Romance is one of Lisa’s favorites because she believes in love and happily-ever-after—but she’s a mystery buff too, and a whodunit is coming soon.

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