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Microfiction: Alpaca Bag for Hollywood

Posted on Mar 26, 2012 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in Grandma's Goulash · microfiction · Succinctly Yours

Welcome to today’s microfiction!  

Grandma’s Goulash graciously hosts Succinctly Yours, the wonderful meme for those of us addicted to microfiction. The trick is to write a story in 140 characters or less using the photo below as inspiration. To add to the challenge is the word of the week, “tempestuous.” My stories are below.

Spittin’ Image
(140 characters)

Tempestuous Hollywood star Ava Avan abandoned her career to raise alpacas. “Unlike my last co-star, they spit only when angry,” she quipped.

*          *          *          *
It’s All for the Bust
(134 characters)
Movie mogul Ima Llama’s newest film is a saga about family life on an alpaca farm and stars Dolly Parton. The title: Alpacas or Bust.

I wasn’t sure if the photo is of llamas or alpacas. I know that llamas are bigger than alpacas, and these guys look small to me, so I chose the latter. As I fretted over it, my husband reminded me that this is fiction, after all, and I may call them camels or giraffes if I so choose. I hate it when he’s right!

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