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More Than We Ever Dreamed

Posted on Feb 19, 2014 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized

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I dreamed of my parents last night.

My mother stood in front of an Alpha Delta Pi sorority house, identified as such by a banner spread across the upper balcony. I belonged to ADPi in college, and in the way of dreams I knew Mama waited for me. I recognized her in the distance by her blond hair and petite frame, and I ran down the hill waving and calling to her, excited to see her but worried she’d be unhappy that I was so late. But no, she smiled when she saw me and opened her arms to draw me in for a hug. A few moments later Daddy joined us, smiling, and he hugged me, too. We began to walk and talk—I can’t recall about what—and like a movie fade-out the scene evaporated as wakefulness eased upon me.

My immediate reaction was profound disappointment. I lay in the dark with my eyes squeezed shut willing sleep to come and take me back to the dream that ended too soon. But then I realized that had I not awakened when I did I might not have remembered the dream at all, might not still feel my parents’ arms around me and have in my mind the sweet scents and textures that were unique to them. I relaxed and stopped willing my parents back, instead allowing the memory of their unexpected nearness to wash through me.


I don’t always remember my dreams, so when I do I spend time reliving them, looking for a meaning deeper than the ostensible one. In the case of this dream about Mama and Daddy, I found none at first beyond the joy of holding them again, talking to them, hearing their voices and their laughter after living more than a decade without them. Still, being me, I analyzed every detail, every sound, movement, desperate to know, what does it really mean? What are they trying to tell me?

It was a gift, this dream. Unexpected, it lifted me high and away from everyday troubles, allowed me to touch once again the two people who loved me first and so well. It reminded me that while everything else in our physical world is transient, love stays. Love ignores death and distance. Love is present. Love is forever.

See you next week for more of the naked truth.


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