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No Fear

Posted on Feb 1, 2012 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in submissions · Writing
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Recently I’ve read a ton of articles about writers getting past their fear of submitting work for publication. This must be a widespread problem or there wouldn’t be so much written about it, but I don’t really understand it.
Fear isn’t the problem for me. Procrastination—guilty. Occasional laziness—oh, yeah. Fear? No way. And here’s why.
Submitting work is exciting; it makes me giddy. It’s like watching a kid ride a two-wheeler by himself for the first time. It is fun to see all the practicing, effort and determination pay off. There’s the wobbly start, the focus, striving to find the perfect balance, and finally—wahoo!—the kid is zooming up the street, wind in his hair. That’s how I feel when I submit something I’ve written. Elated. Not deterred by the knowledge that I could hit a bump and fall off that bike because, hey, what do you do when you fall? You get right back up again.
Here’s the thing about getting back on the bike: Not every ride is bumpy. I know not all my work will be accepted for publication. This time. That doesn’t mean I can’t retool my article/story/essay and submit it again somewhere else. A few years ago I submitted a short story to a competition. I didn’t win. Didn’t even come close. Six months later I entered the same story in another competition and won. Different venue, different editor, different outcome. Knowing this is a possibility changes everything, doesn’t it? Why worry about rejection when it isn’t the final diagnosis?
We all face rejection, but it isn’t something to fear. Rejoice! A rejection means you submitted. It means you labored hard and delivered your baby. Receiving a rejection means . . .  congratulations, you’re a writer!
So get on that bike. Sometimes the ride will be slow and uphill, sometimes fast and downhill, and sometimes you’ll cruise on level ground. The important thing is to stay in motion. Submit your work. Not every response is a rejection, but every rejection is proof that you’re serious about writing for publication. And when acceptance letters are mingled with the rejections, believe me, you’ll want to keep pedaling. 
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