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Oowww! It’s Howl-O-Weenie Time!

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This past Saturday was the 2013 Howl-O-Weenie festival, hosted by DREAM (Dachshund Rescue, Education, Awareness and Mentoring). We learned of Howl-O-Weenie and DREAM when my daughter Stephanie had the paw prints of her beloved miniature Dachshund, Special Agent McGee, tattooed on her ankle. The tattoo artist regaled her with tales of the annual festival. We’ve marked it on our calendars ever since. 

Howl-O-Weenie brings hundreds of people and Dachshunds together for a day of fundraising to care for rescued dogs and for contests that include howling, licking, dunking for wieners, weenie races, and the ever popular costume contest. These Dachshunds are game for anything and seem happy to indulge their human companions in every endeavor with their tails wagging.  Here are some photos from this year’s festival. Enjoy!

Call me “wench” once more and I’ll leave a present in your shoe.
I wanted to be a princess. Look it up, Bubba. Does this look like a tiara to you?
Elvis caught kissing a fan. He ain’t nuthin’ but a hound dog.
There’s a reason “corset” rhymes with “force it.” Ugh. Why did I eat that extra Beggin’ Strip?
Does this make my butt look fat?
You sure? How about now?
I’m Radar O’Reilly. No, really. It’s on my birth certificate.
Duck Dynasty called. They want their beard back. They’ll have to fight me for it.
Steampunk! Yeah, baby! Do we have cool humans, or what?!
OMG. We feel like such a cliche!
We really deserve a Milk Bone, y’all.
Sebastian the crab. Pah! I want to be King Triton, dammit!

The Howl-O-Weenie festival wrapped up with the Doxie Hokey-Pokey and then it was time to leave the fun and games for another year. But for DREAM volunteers it will be a busy twelve months. Here’s what they do, direct from the DREAM website:

“DREAM rescues dachshund and dachshund mixes from high kill shelters in Georgia. We are all volunteer operated and all of our dogs are located in foster homes (which means we get to know them really well!). All of our operating costs are funded through tax-deductible contributions and fundraising. We envision a time when every dachshund in Georgia has a loving home for its entire life.”

My grand-dog, Federal Agent Chutsky, is a DREAM rescue. You’ve seen pics of him before with his housemate Special Agent McGee, but here they are again being adorable on the day they met at Howl-O-Weenie 2010:

Special Agent McGee (black and tan) and Federal Agent Chutsky (red)

One of the tee-shirts available for purchase at the festival had “Rescued by My Rescue!” printed on it. Dog and cat lovers everywhere know the truth of this statement. Here’s a pic of my own two Lab mixes, rescues who rescue me every day with wagging tails, crazy antics, and unconditional love:

Rigby (yellow) and Penny (black)

Do you have a rescued pet who turned around and rescued you right back? Please leave a comment about your fur-baby! Share your special story.

See you next week for the naked truth about  . . . “Funding  Streams for Writers” workshop with C. Hope Clark.

Have a great week!

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