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Rescued Pets

There’s a special place in my heart for animal rescues. To raise awareness, I include a rescued pet in all of my books. Sometimes a pet is rescued as part of the story, like Pirate the dog in Love Built to Last, and sometimes a rescued pet is already loved and snuggled up in his forever home, like Pavarotti the cat in Love to Win. Read my books and watch for the rescues!

In real life, my family and I have shared our abode with numerous rescued pet companions over the years. Our current loves are pictured on the right: Tabitha, who was queen of all she surveyed. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently and I can’t bring myself to take her picture down. The dogs are Penny & Rigby, tolerant canines. The little one is Luna, our domestic terrorist.

If you’re interested in adopting a pet companion but aren’t sure which organization to contact, visit Dog Lover’s Digest for a list of rescue organizations by state.


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