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Rock On

Posted on Jun 7, 2009 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in concert

Last night my hubby and I went to a double headliner concert featuring Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire. These iconic bands did not disappoint, and we left the amphitheater smiling because we had a great time, and talking too loud because we were rendered temporarily deaf thanks to the fine amps, set to stun.

The fan base was an interesting feature. Neither Joe nor I saw anyone under the age of 40 except two little boys (estimated ages maybe 10 and 12) who spent the entire three-and-a-half hours alternately snacking and staring, mortified, every time their parents stood up to dance and feel the music. Parental dancing, as every pre-teen will tell you, is to be avoided like canned spinach. I had fun watching these two kids watch their parents. Mom and dad were impervious to the horror of their offspring who, eventually numb, resorted to hand-held video games.

I pondered if the band members themselves, scanning the sea of middle-aged faces, ever wonder what happened to the young 20-somethings that used to populate their concerts. Gone are the men in tight bellbottoms, peace pendants, and out-to-there afros. Most of the gents looked like accountants and sales reps. Gone, too, are the hot pants, tube tops and waist-length hair; the ladies have traded them in for respectable Bermuda shorts, “I Love Bunko” tee-shirts, and chin-length bobs that haven’t shown their natural color in a decade or more. Do they miss the days of young, rowdy audiences? Or are they thrilled to see that their original fan base, ageing though we may be, has never deserted them?

And, of course, the band members have aged as well. There is the tendency to remember them as they were, and a bit of a surprise to see someone who reminds me a lot of my grandpa up on stage rocking out with an electric guitar. The original band members who remain have been making music for 40+ years, which makes me feel like a youngster by comparison (only one more reason why I enjoyed myself so much).

The best part, of course, was the music and the memories elicited. They really did “Colour My World” in the very best of ways.

Rock on –

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