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Secrets to the Grave

Posted on Jan 16, 2013 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in books · DNA · Tami Hoag

The novel I’m reading, Secrets to the Grave by Tami Hoag, is set in 1986. In the Author’s Note, Ms. Hoag spoke of DNA science. Here’s what she said:

“In 1986, DNA science was still in its infancy with regard to law enforcement and had yet to be presented as evidence in a court of law. Investigators with foresight were holding on to evidence obtained at crime scenes and from crime victims, waiting for the science to advance enough to help them convict killers and rapists.”
Intellectually, I know that DNA science was not always available for crime solving. But prior to reading the above quote I didn’t realize how new the incorporation of DNA testing truly is. And kudos to those law enforcement officers who had the insight to see the possibilities. We take the science for granted these days; every crime show on TV relies on DNA evidence to help solve the crime, week in and week out. Just imagine what Perry Mason could have done with DNA evidence!
Ms. Hoag also mentions “big hair, big shoulder pads, and spandex.” I have to admit I loved big hair and remember fondly the shoulder pads that created the illusion of smaller hips. As to spandex, who knew back in 1986 that by 2012 it would be a component of everything from blue jeans to bathing suits?
This got me thinking about the ‘80s technology. Remember the argument over which was better, VHS or beta? Or car phones–remember those?  The first time I saw a car phone I was living in Las Vegas. The fancy-schmancy owner of the real estate office two floors above the start-up software company for which I worked had a car phone in her Cadillac Seville. The woman was exotic and sophisticated, and I thought that phone was the coolest thing ever.
While reading Secrets to the Grave I’ve noticed that several of the male characters have mustaches. I’d forgotten that little tidbit from the ‘80s. My own beloved hubby sported a big ‘ol mustache back in the day.  He’d like to forget that particular fashion statement and begged me not to post a photo.  I said okay, but it will cost him. There’s a foot massage in my future.
What current fashion statements will we regret in days to come? And who knows what marvels wait just around the bend? What scientific breakthroughs will occur that we cannot even imagine today? Any ideas?
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