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Serendipitous Stuff

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Courtesy of writer/poet Marinela Reka

Serendipity (n):  
1. An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

2. Good fortune; luck:

Serendipity is something about which I have written before because I love when serendipity comes calling. This occurred a couple of times over the last week or so, and I thought I’d share these unexpected gems.

Ms. Marinela Reka is a 16-year-old writer/poet who is responsible for that lovely photo and caption above. She left a comment on one of my recent posts and I reciprocated by visiting her blog. What I discovered is a teenager truly passionate about writing, particularly poetry. How cool is that? Visit her blog and check out the “about” tab to learn more about this young lady whose enthusiasm for words is so heartening.

Cucumber water! If you’ve heard of it before, shame on you for not sharing with the rest of us. I accompanied my daughter to her college orientation last week and they had large carafes of water with cucumber slices floating on top. My daughter and I exchanged one of those looks, but gave it a try. Yum! Subtle and so refreshing. I’ve been converted from my beloved lemon water.

Once Possessed is a local shop offering an eclectic range of items that have been, as the name suggests, once possessed. They have everything from lovely Depression glass (I purchased a small bowl and serving piece) to vintage albums and posters, as well as off-the-wall things like a knife block shaped like a red Gumby (macabre, yes, but not without humor). The truly pleasant surprise was how nice the owners are. If you’re looking for vintage stuff, give them a shout. This is so much more than the usual “antiques/flea market” shop. And should they have what you’re after, I’m sure they’ll be happy to box and ship.

That’s it from Writing in the Buff for this week. If you’ve experienced a recent visit from serendipity please share. I’m convinced that some of the best gifts are those unplanned, arriving on our doorstep from unexpected places.

Wishing you a wonderful week full of . . . what else? Serendipity!


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