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Shameless self-promotion rules the net. As writers/authors, bloggers, Tweeps, and Face-peeps we all engage in it to some degree.  These days, it’s pretty much required.

At this writing, declares there are 65,303,968 active WordPress sites. That’s just WordPress, buttercup. Tumblr boasts 106.3 million blogs as I tap these words on my keyboard. I spent precious time hunting stats for Blogger, but Google is keeping that information under lock and key. The closest number I dug up was a very nebulous “millions of blogs.” Even the Blogger page on Wikipedia doesn’t offer numbers, and you know Wiki would blab if they knew. I have no clue why it’s such a closely held secret, but apparently if Google tells us, then they’ll have to kill us, and that would certainly put holes in their marketing strategy.

Suffice it to say that most of us—certainly yours truly—are the teeniest of quarks in the vast universe of social media. We may blog, Facebook and Twitter our hearts out, but the cold, hard fact is that with so many people vying for the same attention, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. The result is shameless self-promotion as we scream—virtually—to be heard. And you know what? I’m actually okay with that.

Shameless self-promotion is all about drawing people into our circle, yes. But more than that, it forces us to stand up and acknowledge who we are, what we do, and what matters to us, in ways that nothing else does.  It requires us to look beyond our self-doubts and negative self-talk into those personal components of ourselves that are worth sharing with others.  And that, buttercup, is a very good thing.

How do you feel about self-promotion? Do you promote yourself, your talents and successes on your blog, Facebook and/or Twitter? Do you agree that it is a good thing? Or do you think social media has become one big billboard?

See you next week for the naked truth about . . . hard work.

Have a great week!

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