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So Many Beaches, So Little Time!

Posted on Oct 17, 2012 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in beach · marriage · vacation

Siesta Key, Florida – photo by Christina Claro
This week’s Writing in the Buff is comprised of a short poll, as I’ve been out of town and have only just returned. My wonderful nephew married the love of his life on Nag’s Head beach in North Carolina in a ceremony that was simple and beautiful. They rented a huge house on the beach so everyone could stay together for a long weekend of celebration. It was great fun, and such a delight to spend time with family and new friends. The joy topping it all, of course, was the happiness of the bride and groom. 
When not at the house partying with the fam, my husband and I spent time on the beach. I’m convinced the beach has healing properties, magic to soothe the soul. For this reason, a beach getaway is my favorite kind.
Now for the poll. What is your all-time favorite beach?
I’m having a tough time with this one because I’ve never met a beach I didn’t like. When I first considered this question I chose St. George Island in Florida, but then amended that to Caribbean beaches in general, which I then replaced with Florida’s Siesta Key, and then tied that up with Nag’s Head.  But wait! I have to consider Salisbury and Hampton beaches in New England. And then there was that California trip to Malibu . . .
And what about all the beaches I’ve yet to visit? The Hawaiian islands and the Oregon coast, and Costa Rica. Oh, yeah! And the European beaches—Ile de Re, France, or the Calabria coast in Italy.
But then my memories fly and I’m back on Lieutenant’s Island, Cape Cod, which is surely my favorite. Isn’t it? How to choose when each carries a unique personality and atmosphere?
So many beaches, so little time!
What is your favorite beach and why? What is it about that particular beach that makes you ache to return to it? And if you don’t like beaches, why not, and what is your preferred vacation spot?
See you next time-

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