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Anticipation: Keeping Me Waiting (to be Carly Simon Cool)

Posted on Jan 27, 2016 by   25 Comments | Posted in The Naked Truth

Sioux Roslawski’s blog post (read it HERE) stirred up a lot of memories. She talked about Carly Simon’s memoir, “Boys in the Trees,” and about Cat Stevens, James Taylor…you get the drift. In my comment on Sioux’s blog I told her I didn’t know whether to kiss her or strangle her, because it’s amazing how [Read more…]

Prioritizing Equal Tasks: What’s a Girl to Do?

Posted on Aug 19, 2015 by   20 Comments | Posted in The Naked Truth

Hello, in-the-Buffers! Today’s post will be shorter than the usual Wednesday rendering, because today’s Naked Truth is that I’m in over my head with personal deadlines, and also on promises made on turnarounds for critiques and edits of other authors’ work. The personal deadlines will take a back seat to the promises, because as you [Read more…]

What Your Dog Is Really Thinking!

Welcome to today’s Pawsitive Pondering! May this begin your week with a smile. If you are a Goodreads winner or a newsletter winner, be advised that your autographed copy of Love Built to Last will be shipped out today! Congratulations again on your win.  See you Wednesday for the Naked Truth. Have a great Monday! Lisa   [Read more…]

Do You Feel Lucky? Well Do Ya? Free Give-Away: Bits-o-Bliss Journal

Posted on Jun 4, 2014 by   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized

  Welcome to Wednesday, Buttercup! Last week I detailed how the Universe inundated me with the notion of keeping a gratitude journal. One of the articles to which I was led is this short piece at Writer’s Circle, “Tips For Keeping a Gratitude Journal.” It offers five tips, as well as a link to the Happy Tapper app which [Read more…]

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