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A Dog’s Bedtime Prayer

Posted on Feb 22, 2016 by   12 Comments | Posted in Pawsitive Pondering

Good Monday morning! It really is a good morning, because the friend I told you about in last Wednesday’s post is home from the hospital and recuperating well after suffering a massive heart attack that required an airlift to medical help and surgery. As many of you have already guessed, the friend in question is [Read more…]

Bacon for Buttons AND Blogger Book Blitz

Posted on Feb 8, 2016 by   15 Comments | Posted in Pawsitive Pondering

Monday greetings—and I dare you to say today’s blog title fast five times. 🙂  I vanquished the virus and am back to bring you today’s Pawsitive Pondering. Here’s Buttons, delivering your morning grins.   A quick note to the winners of the autographed book giveaway: I expect to receive my copies of Love to Believe before Wednesday, and [Read more…]

Still Taking Names AND Priceless!

Posted on Jan 25, 2016 by   21 Comments | Posted in Pawsitive Pondering

Before I post today’s Pawsitive Pondering, here’s a reminder of your chance to win one of FIVE signed copies of Love to Believe, which releases in eBook and print January 30th. For every comment you leave on my blog between now and January 29th—that’s this Friday, Buttercup—your name will be entered to win! Easy peasy! All winners will [Read more…]

Her Highness The White Waug of Gundabad

Posted on Jan 18, 2016 by   9 Comments | Posted in Pawsitive Pondering

Good Monday Morning! Today’s Pawsitive Pondering is courtesy of Her Highness The White Waug of Gundabad.  She deserves a tiara, but is secure enough in her own majestic presence not to need one.  🙂 Thanks to author K.D. Wood for sharing this beauty with us.     Thanks for visiting. See you Wednesday for The Naked [Read more…]

If You Ignore Her, Will She Go Away?

Posted on Jan 15, 2016 by   10 Comments | Posted in Observations From the Tub

Welcome to Observations from the Tub, a regular Friday feature here at Writing in the Buff. This week I want to share a series of pics I took of our dog, Rigby, and cat, Tabby, who prove once again that cats rule and dogs…are tolerant of their megalomaniacal ways.       What does your dog do to [Read more…]

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