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New Year, New Site, New Title, Two Winners!

Posted on Jan 4, 2017 by   12 Comments | Posted in The Naked Truth

Hello! We’re now four days into 2017 and so far the year has been rainy and cool here in Georgia. The weatherman says we might even see some snow over the weekend. You know what that means, right? All the grocery stores will be out of bread and milk by Friday, and the local news [Read more…]

Winner Announced! AND The Obvious: Deskercise!

Posted on Jun 15, 2016 by   18 Comments | Posted in The Naked Truth

Before I jump into the Naked Truth, I want to announce a couple of things. First, the winner—chosen via—of the first two novels in the Enigma Series by author Tierney James. The lucky person is:            Stephanie Trietsch             Congratulations! Please contact me with your [Read more…]

Self-Editing & Those Invisible Foibles

Posted on Oct 28, 2015 by   19 Comments | Posted in The Naked Truth

Thanks to everyone who commented on last Wednesday’s post, an interview with Martha Graham-Waldon, author of the soon-to-be released (11/14/2015) memoir Nothing Like Normal–Surviving a Sibling’s Schizophrenia. The winner of Martha’s book, chosen via, is Sioux Roslawski! Congratulations, Sioux, on your win.   Over this last year I’ve done a lot of manuscript editing for [Read more…]

FREE BOOK! Your Chance to Win – The Saffron Crocus

Posted on Dec 19, 2014 by   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized

  Hello everyone! This is a rare Friday post at Writing in the Buff, but I want to announce a free book give-away! A couple weeks ago I introduced you to author Alison McMahan and her YA historical novel The Saffron Crocus. Alison enjoyed your comments and has offered a free signed copy of her award-winning book [Read more…]

Bits-o-Bliss Winner! AND Help! How Do I Pill My Cat?

Posted on Jun 11, 2014 by   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized

  It’s been a rough week at my house, y’all. Here’s the quick rundown. First, Bailey did come home from the hospital, but not without becoming our High Maintenance Kitty. She requires a pill to coat her stomach which must be taken an hour before she eats and then another which must be dissolved in [Read more…]

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