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Thanksgiving Challenge: The Gratitude Sprint

Posted on Nov 22, 2017 by   6 Comments | Posted in The Naked Truth

How often during the Thanksgiving holiday are you challenged to name things for which you are grateful? Once or twice at a minimum, I’m betting. If you’re like me, you name the same things every time. I call it my “core” list: God, family, friends, food, clothing, shelter, and variations thereof. All of these are [Read more…]

Fun Facts About Turkey Day

Posted on Nov 25, 2015 by   9 Comments | Posted in The Naked Truth

Happy day-before-turkey-day, Buttercup! I’m up to my eyeballs in Thanksgiving Day feast prep, so I hope you’ll forgive me for this repeat blog post from 2012. The sentiment today is the same as it was then: Happy Thanksgiving! Before you stuff yourself alongside your dinner, here are some fun facts about Turkey Day, taken from [Read more…]

Deadlines: A Thanksgiving Tale

Posted on Nov 27, 2013 by   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized

For writers like me who find ways to procrastinate that would make even teenage boys envious, deadlines are not just a good thing—they’re a great thing. Deadlines keep me on task and ensure that whatever needs to be done will be done in the necessary amount of time. That is, um, unless it isn’t.  Such [Read more…]

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