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Tales of Time

Posted on Apr 21, 2009 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in birthday · cake · exercise · makeup · priorities

We have a big birthday weekend coming up. My daughter, Stephanie, will be 22 on Friday, and my hubby will be 51 on Saturday. Stephanie is meeting a group of friends to party the night away. Joe wants to pretend he does not have a birthday at all (yeah, fat chance–like I’m going to pass up the opportunity for cake.)

The thing is, as we age, our priorities shift. Time and how we spend it is more profound after 40. Take exercise, for example. I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I was in my twenties exercise was 90 minutes of hard aerobics and weightlifting (where in the blazes did I ever find 90 minutes to exercise?) In my thirties it was jogging (30 minutes, tops.) At 48, exercise requires multi-tasking: I take the dogs for a walk at the park and watch them frolic with other dogs. I do visit the treadmill once in a while, but you know, if it really wanted to hold my attention it would offer me hot coffee and a honey bun.

Another casualty of the years: makeup. I wear a lot less now, but back in the day just applying lipstick was a major event. I used to line my lips, apply lipstick, blot, powder, and apply a final coat. That stuff would stay on through a nuclear holocaust. When my youngest daughter was born the delivery room nurses were astounded that I made it through labor and delivery with my lipstick still magazine perfect. Fifteen years have passed and I’m lucky now if I even remember to apply tinted lip balm before I rush out the door.

What sorts of things have changed for you? What things do you do differently now that you are older? If you could go back in years would you spend more or less time on your lipstick, exercise, or partying? Leave me a comment if you have the time. I’d love to know how your views have shape-shifted with age and wisdom.

As to our upcoming birthday weekend, I say: Let them eat cake! That’s what I’m gonna do.

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