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Three Little Blurbs

Posted on Apr 2, 2010 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in cat · chin hair · curious · Oregon · vibrantnation

First:  A giant “thank you!” to Kathy at Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy! She held a contest on her blog and my name came up a winner.  My prize(s) arrived yesterday–a cookbook, some cool handmade drawstring bags, and the fixings for homemade cookies, complete with a red spatula that matches my kitchen color scheme, proving that Kathy is not only talented and generous, but clairvoyant, as well.  Thanks again, Kathy!

Second:  As a writer I possess an insatiable curiosity regarding the details of every little thing (condensed: I’m nosy), so beginning next week I will post a “question of the day”.  Some days it will be a goofy question, some days serious; my goal is to learn more about you, my blogging buddies, and to collect bits and bites of your insights and humor on various subjects.  Please check back on Monday morning for the first installment of “Curious Cat Wants to Know…”

Third: is a site for “women of a certain age” and I qualify, which means I’m an old bagger…er…I mean, a mature lady.  The site is pretty cool, with ongoing chat about women’s issues.  There is also an army of featured bloggers, the ranks of which your truly was invited to join.  The editor stumbled upon my blog while engaged in a web search of–are you ready for this?–chin hairs!  Why she searched this topic is anyone’s guess, but search she did, and she found Writing in the Buff. (To read the post that piqued her interest go to my VN blog link.) Soon after, I received an invitation to have my blog re-published on VibrantNation, and since shameless self-promotion is not a problem for me, I’ve opted in. 

Last but not least:  This is a busy world, and y’all have lives and work that keep you hopping.  Thank you for reading my blog and commenting, either here or via email.  I appreciate you and the time you take to drop in here at Writing in the Buff.  Thanks!

Curious Cat and I will see you Monday!

Have a safe and blessed Easter weekend 

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