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Today’s Potluck!

Posted on Apr 4, 2012 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in Kathryn Stockett · More magazine · potluck
For today’s blog post, I chose the Potluck title because I have varying “dishes” floating around in my mind and couldn’t decide on which to focus. The answer became clear the other day as I sat at the Women’s Imaging Center waiting to have “the girls” squashed flat for a mammogram. As if Monday mornings aren’t bad enough.
Anyway, while awaiting the dreaded “mammy whammy,” as my pal Linda O’Connell calls it, I stumbled on an issue of More magazine. I read an interview with Kathryn Stockett, the author of “The Help.” She had lots of nifty things to say, but the one that jumped out at me is this: Her manuscript for “The Help” was rejected a whopping 60 times before she found an agent. She simply refused to give up.
My curiosity was piqued, so I hunted down a few more authors who didn’t give up. Take a look:
  • The William Golding classic, “Lord of the Flies,” was rejected 20 times.
  • Richard Hooker’s novel, “M*A*S*H*,” made famous in film and on T.V. received 21 rejections.
  • “Carrie” by Stephen King garnered 30 rejections.
  • Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone With the Wind” earned 38 rejections.
  • Frank Herbert’s Sci-Fi classic, “Dune,” received 23 rejections.
  • The first “Chicken Soup for the Soul” edited by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen is the winner today, with 33 rejections the first month and—drumroll, please—140 total rejections.
This isn’t news. We’ve seen it before, heard it before, and filed it away. But it bears repeating:  Never. Give. Up.  What if Kathryn Stockett had dumped “The Help” in the bottom of her desk drawer after agent #60 said no?  She would never have connected with agent #61, and that was her magic number.   
So what’s your magic number, or mine? The one that gives us a YES! It could be #4 or #104. We won’t know until we make it happen. Maybe you’ve already made it happen. If so, what is your lucky number?
Do you know the name of a famous author whose work received multiple rejections? Please leave a comment about it. A little inspiration goes a long way. 
Hope you enjoyed today’s Potluck. See you next for Book Blurb Friday!

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