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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Chocolate!

Posted on May 10, 2009 by Lisa Ricard Claro   2 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Ah, Mother’s Day! A wonderful day during which children show their appreciation for the woman who first labored to bring them into the world and then labored for years to prepare them to go out into the world. Ultimately, that is our job as a mom, after all; to prepare our kids to leave us.

And doesn’t that just suck lemons? Okay, lemons with a dollop of sugar, but still a bittersweet bite. As our kids spread their wings it creates such a dichotomy. On the one hand we are thrilled to see them making their own decisions (and paying their own bills…yeah, baby!) and on the other hand tears are shed because cutting those apron strings is more painful than snipping an umbilical cord.

Last year I penned a Mother’s Day column that appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The AJC still has it archived in case you missed it the first time around: “Happy Mother’s Day to Me”. It was written as a letter to my kids to let them know that I am well aware I’m not a perfect parent, and that while that is true, I will never stop trying to be, even after their need for me is diminished by their own independence. If I’ve done my job right they won’t need me, not the way they did before those wings of theirs grew feathers.

I thought about that today when my son and his little family said goodbye to head back to Florida. I thought about my oldest daughter spending four years at a New York university and returning home with her degree, intent on moving out again when able. I thought of my youngest daughter just beginning to consider colleges and setting her toes into the pool to test the waters of the world. All of this entails goodbye, thank-you, see-you-soon, miss-you-so, can’t-wait-to-see-you; and pride and joy and tears, happy and sad.

Motherhood sure runs the gamut.

I decided that it is semi-sweet, for sure, but not like lemonade. It is more like chocolate—rich and deep and satisfying; something to be savored for a lifetime.

I’ll have a triple helping, please.

Happy Mother’s Day!

2 Responses to "When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Chocolate!"

  1. Comment by Cathy C. Hall
    May 11, 2009 at 6:27 pm  

    Your Joey has a family??? The thought of MY Joey with a family is just um, what’s the word? Scary. In so many ways. (Hope your Mom’s Day was delightful 🙂

  2. Comment by Lisa Ricard Claro
    May 11, 2009 at 6:34 pm  

    Yeah, he does. Love story with a happy ending. Best told over a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine.) Hope your day was also wonderful!

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