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Where Are You, Christmas?

Posted on Dec 5, 2012 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in christmas · holiday
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Where are you, Christmas?
In past years Christmas came early with lit trees and glittering decorations up before Halloween and some radio stations playing holiday tunes beginning on Thanksgiving Day through the New Year.  And for those who didn’t begin their home holiday decorating until well into December, the store shelves held plenty of lights and decorations from which to choose, usually so many that bargain shoppers hit the stores the day after Christmas to snap up the overflow for half price.
I feel for those late-blooming holiday decorators this year. They will be hard pressed to find much of what they seek. Christmas has been relegated to the back corner of most stores with only a fraction of the holiday goodies that used to be available.
My husband and I began our Christmas decorating this past weekend. I was proud of us for starting early in the month, and shocked to hear over and over again in every store we visited that items we sought were already sold out and, no, there would be no more delivered before Christmas.
That got me thinking about the music, or lack thereof, on the radio. Perhaps it is just the stations here in Atlanta, or the stations to which my radio is set, but I’ve yet to hear a Christmas song played on a popular station.
A few specialty shops have the old Jingle Bells coming through the speakers, and the Salvation Army continues to offer earnest representatives bell-ringing outside the local big-box stores, but for the most part, Christmas seems, this year, to be diminished in scope—not from the religious standpoint, of course, but from the usual omnipresence of the holiday.
What are you experiencing in your hometown? Is Christmas as huge as it used to be or are you noticing a reduction in the holiday fanfare? Do you think the root cause is our changing America, or simply commercialism protecting itself from a poor economy?
Whatever the reason, times they are a-changin’.
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