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Wine, Chocolate and The Grinch

Posted on Dec 12, 2012 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in chocolate · christmas · shopping · the Grinch · wine

Every year, come June or July, I tell myself it is time to shop for Christmas. “I’ll get it done early,” I say. “Have everything bought and wrapped up and hidden away so that while everyone else is scrambling, I will be sipping warm, spiced wine, nibbling dark chocolate and watching The Grinch.” And every year I ignore my own advice and wind up standing in long lines and hunting down sold-out items along with everyone else, or tap-tap-tapping my way through
It isn’t that I don’t know better. Didn’t I just say that I give myself a little push every July? But who wants to worry about Christmas when 90 degree skies invite a day at the lake? There’s plenty of time before Santa shows up.
Except, there isn’t. Somehow, every year, the days between July and December whip past and in a blink the fireworks morph into Christmas lights.
And so, in spite of my own good advice, I’ll be running around doing last minute shopping. I’ll probably be up late on Christmas Eve wrapping presents. Of course, I’ve already figured out that just because I’m running behind on gift wrapping doesn’t mean I have to forgo the whole wine/chocolate/Grinch plan.  Oh, no, buttercup.  I can wrap gifts, sip wine, eat chocolate, and watch The Grinchall at the same time. Multi-tasking is one of my best things, so the wine and the chocolate are a safe bet.
How do you roll at the holidays? Was your shopping done before Thanksgiving, or will you take advantage of the midnight sales on Christmas Eve? Do you have more fun when your shopping is finished early, or when you’re mingling with fellow shoppers caught up in the rush and glow of holiday time?
There are 13 days until Christmas. Use them wisely, and don’t forget to multi-task. The chocolate demands it!
See you next week –

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