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Words With Joey

Posted on Oct 24, 2012 by Lisa Ricard Claro   No Comments Yet | Posted in MacGyver · Scrabble · Sesame Street · son · Words With Friends

In the beginning, there was Sesame Street. And it was good.
Sesame Street gave way to He-Man and Masters of the Universe, Inspector Gadget, and Transformers. And it was good.
Then MacGyver hit the airwaves. And it was good . . . in spite of his propensity for blowing things up. Or perhaps because of it.
MacGyver was abandoned in favor of Nintendo and little league baseball. These were abandoned for females.
In the course of my son’s 30 years many things captured his attention. With the exception of females—now reduced to one, and she’s a sweetheart—I shared all of his interests. I can still sing the theme songs to every one of his favorite TV shows (and the original Mario Brothers game) and I never watch a group of dirt-encrusted boys in baseball uniforms traipse into a Dairy Queen without remembering Joey’s little league career and how much I loved, yes loved, watching him play.
Which leads me to this: Some things never change. Joey is 30, I’m 52, and we’re still sharing entertainment: Words With Friends.
Words With Friends is a game akin to Scrabble that we play on our cell phones. It keeps us connected throughout the day, even though we live in separate states. When my phone lights up and I see the Words With Friends icon I smile, knowing that Joey just thought of me when he played that 42-point obscure Nepalese word relating to chickens. And I also frown, because this is a competitive game and 42 points will put him dangerously ahead (and, also, I have no idea why he knows that Nepalese word. I had to look it up and now can’t remember it). But never mind that. The point is, I’m still having fun with my kid after all these years.
So we play on. And it is good. It is very, very good.
See you next time!

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